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  • 25-lesson power-packed course with succinct, to-the-point micro-lessons that don’t waste your time (each video is 10 minutes or less)…
  • Step-by-step action plans for each lesson to get you set up with your Cash Flow Banking system as soon as possible.
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Cash Flow Banking – Wealth Factory course is available you will get immediately after payment only $197 $39

What will you get: 

  • Cash Flow Banking
    • Session 1
    • Session 2
    • Cash Flow Banking Mini-Course
    • Cash Flow Banking Resources
    • Cash Flow Banking Orientation.mp4
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    • cash-flow-health-assessment.pdf
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  • Cash Flow BankingSession 3
    • Session 3
    • Resource
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  • 25-lesson power-packed course with succinct, to-the-point micro-lessons that don’t waste your time (each video is 10 minutes or less)…
  • Step-by-step action plans for each lesson to get you set up with your Cash Flow Banking system as soon as possible.
  • Exclusive access to our growing suite of online software tools, forms, and spreadsheets designed to help you maximize the power of your Cash Flow Bank.
  • Supplemental videos and real-life examples to make sure your “bank” gives you every financial advantage possible.
  • Ongoing member webinars as needed on advanced Cash Flow Banking topics, new uses for your personal bank, or law changes you want to be aware of.
  • Access to our Cash Flow Banking knowledge base with dozens of frequently asked questions answered by experts and complex terminology explained in simple language.
  • Inside techniques used by the ultra-wealthy including how to get tax-preferred treatment on all your savings, boost the interest you earn on every investment, and eliminate the need (and high costs) of several different kinds of insurance…
  • Advanced Strategies you can use now or later to accelerate your wealth, including Captive Insurance (being your own insurance company), Premium Financing (how to get a bank to buy you a huge life insurance policy and pay the premiums for you up-front), and how to use Cash Flow as an exit plan for your business.

You’ll also discover unique ways your new Cash Flow Banking system can enhance your life, fund your retirement, or pass on a lasting legacy to your family.

And that’s still just the tip of the iceberg, because the Cash Flow Banking course is dynamic and will constantly be growing as we add new resources and tools.

You, of course, will have lifetime access to all of the lessons, tools, and resources once you enroll in the course.

That’s why we believe the Cash Flow Banking course will become a treasured resource you’ll want to come back to over and over again as you expand your means and grow your wealth.

Here’s a Partial List of the Course Lessons You Get:

  1. How to Shred Your Family Budget, Live Like a King and Still Live Within Your Means
  2. Why Cutting Back Your Spending Can Actually Make You Poorer Unless You Understand “The Expense Classification Code”
  3. Why the Ultra-Rich Could Care Less About Their “Net Worth” (and What They Focus On Instead)
  4. “The Richest Man In Babylon” Reveals His Wealth Secrets That Can Change Your Life Forever
  5. This “Special Summit” Keeps Your Cash Flow Bank Working, Even As Your Finances Change Over Time
  6. Tap Into Your “Investor DNA” To You Maximize Your Cash Flow Bank
  7. How This Wise Old “O.W.L.” Has Been Quietly Preserving America’s Wealth for 150+ Years
  8. How to Turbo-Charge Your Cash Flow Bank for Reliability, Safety and Security
  9. Using “HVL” To MAX OUT your Cash Flow Bank
  10. Getting the “Big Picture” Right When Setting Up Your Cash Flow Bank
  11. How to Make One Dollar Do the Work of Two, Three or Four Inside Your “Bank”
  12. Finding Money to Capitalize Your Bank On Your Current Income — Without Sacrificing Or Cutting Back
  13. How to Add Funds to Your Cash Flow Bank
  14. How to Get Maximum Value From Your Cash Flow Bank Before, During and After Retirement
  15. Squeeze Every Last Penny Out of Your Pension With This Advanced Cash Flow Banking Strategy
  16. How to Live Off the Equity in Your Home Without Selling (And Still Leave Its Full Value to Your Kids)
  17. Give Money to Charity, Leave Money for Your Heirs And Live Wealthy During Your Lifetime — A New Way to Do It All
  18. Discover the Uncommon Way to Juice Your Savings Interest Just Like the Big Banks Do
  19. Start Your Own Insurance Company and Shelter Your Wealth Like the Ultra-Rich
  20. Leverage Cash Flow Banking Inside Your Business Just Like Wal-Mart, GE and Other Giant Corporations Do
  21. How You Can Get a Bank to Buy You 10 Million Dollars of Life Insurance and Pay Your Premiums For You Up-Front
  22. Give Your Family More Than Just Money — How “The Rockefeller Method” Lets You Pass Assets, Values, and A Lasting Legacy to Your Heirs
  23. How to Get Uncle Sam Out of Your Pocket and Pay Less Tax With Your Cash Flow Bank
  24. How to set up a Cash Flow Banking system that pays you $30,000 PER MONTH from age of 60 to 100
  25. Three Ways to Use Velocity Within Your Cash Flow Bank to Simplify Your Life, Optimize Your Finances, and Generate New Cash Flow

There are also additional supplemental lessons and bonus content not listed here.

We think you’ll love the course, and we especially think…

Get Cash Flow Banking – Wealth Factory, Only Price 37$

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