Bulletproof Agency (How To Grow An Agency During Coronavirus) – Joel Kaplan


Of all the agency growth models I’ve seen and even tried myself, this is probably the most powerful because:

  1. 1. It gives you the ability to reap the financial and lifestyle rewards of owning an agency that attracted you to the opportunity in the first place.
  2. 2. It’s simple for any operating agency to implement.
  3. 3. You can scale fast, and I mean REALLY FAST while working way less hours. We’re talkin’ 3-8 a week without inhibiting growth.
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To The Agency Owners Living a High-Stress Freelancer’s Lifestyle… 

Get 100 Booked Calls For 


…or Your Money Back + $1,000 For Wasting Your Time

From The Desk Of Joel Kaplan 

Denver, Colorado

Of all the agency growth models I’ve seen and even tried myself, this is probably the most powerful because:

  1. 1. It gives you the ability to reap the financial and lifestyle rewards of owning an agency that attracted you to the opportunity in the first place.
  2. 2. It’s simple for any operating agency to implement.
  3. 3. You can scale fast, and I mean REALLY FAST while working way less hours. We’re talkin’ 3-8 a week without inhibiting growth.

And the ‘Agency Flywheel™ Method’ is NOT about starting a coaching program, white-labeling, or using deceptive practices to grow.

It’s NOT…

  • A Secret Cold-Calling Script
  •  The Magic Chatbot Sequence
  •  Getting a Virtual Assistant from Your Neighborhood Guru
  •  Shifty Sales Methods That You Feel Slimey
  •  Free Trials or Discounting Your Services
  • “Renting Websites” to Local Businesses
  •  or any other Detrimental-to-Growth methods people are hypnotizing you with to get your $1997

 So what is the Agency Flywheel™ Method? 

  • It’s about you joing the 4W Club, doing Whatever you want, Whenever you want, With Whoever you want to do it with…
  • It’s about developing REAL business acumen so you can look back at where you’re at today in 6 months and realize how little you knew.
  • It’s about you having a clear path to knowing when you’ll be able to STOP talking to clients, STOP taking sales calls, and STILL deliver better-than-ever results for your increasingly happy client-base
  • And A LOT more that we’ll get into detail about shortly…

(Skeptical? Get The Facts Below…)

After discovering this model just 11 months ago, Sergio Tavarez from Brooklyn, NY now has the freedom to travel the world, spend more time with his family, and focus his effort on whatever passion projects he’d rather be doing than running ads, talking to clients, or hopping on sales calls.

When he first started working on adopting this new model he’d just lost all his clients and was basically starting from scratch.

And now, he’s doing around $300k per month and works less than 5 hours a week on his agency.

When most people are working on a Monday, Sergio likes to spend his time working out, or hanging out with his girlfriend:

(Guess his passion project is the gym now LMAO)

This is the exact reason he settled on starting an agency in the first place.

But, it wasn’t always this way…

At one point he was in your shoes.

Questioning his niche.

Dealing with never-ending client fires.

Pulling his hair out trying to get his clients better results.

…and spending the rest of his time prospecting and getting on sales calls yet lacking the confidence to close because his delivery was flawed.

He simply couldn’t keep up.

So if you’re feeling stuck…

Or sick of watching peers outgrow you time and time again…

Then it’s time for a change.

Get Bulletproof Agency (How To Grow An Agency During Coronavirus) – Joel Kaplan, Only Price $87

Who am I…and should you bother listening to me?

Hi, I’m Joel Kaplan. 

I’ve been featured on Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and received the 2 Comma Club award from Clickfunnels for bringing in over $1 million through one of my agency's sales funnel.

I've helped hundreds of aspiring and already successful agency owners turn their companies into lead-generating, appointment closing machines…

And taught my proprietary "fire-yourself from the day-to-day" method to almost 90 entrepreneurs.

And I want you to show you what happened to my agency shortly after I discovered the Agency Flywheel™ Method

That’s my actual (verifiable) revenue chart from 2018.

This is the ONLY agency model I’ve seen that virtually eliminates your workload while increasing your revenues month over month.

And no,

You will NOT find this strategy milling around in FB groups or getting on the phone with your local guru’s high-ticket closer…

(trust me I spent close to six-figures on self-education prior to figuring this out and it wasn’t there…)

Up until now…

It’s been my best kept secret.

But after hours of negotiation with my business partner and a hefty bill from our attorney…

I came out on top.

Well, I should say that YOU come out on top…

Because this means I’m finally going to pop the hood and show you what 5.2x’d our revenue to MULTIPLE 7-Figures in a little over 90 days.

This is the FASTEST way to go from stuck in low six-figure quicksand that swallows up Agency owners…

…to scaling to $100k/month and beyond.

And probably the ONLY way to do it without taking up bank robbery as a side hustle.

I’m going to prove how these exact methods have taken not only myself, but close to 100 struggling “high-paid freelancers” to an actual CEO.

And you don’t have to take my word for it either.

Every single day we have Agencies graduating to the big leagues.

Just ask GJ Feliciano.

When we started working together, he was doing around $10k/month.

And he soon found that – albeit an amazing accomplishment for any solo entrepreneur – it simply wasn’t enough.

You can’t hire because you don’t have enough cash.

Plus – how would it feel to tell your employee you can’t pay them when your agency is how they put food on the table or feed their kids?

Yeah…No Bueno

It’s impossible to outsource because you’re essentially reducing your margins down to zilch.

…and it traps you into a never-ending cycle of putting out fires.

 Spending the bulk of your time dealing with people you don’t want to deal with…

…so you can make ‘just enough’

Though if you met GJ you’d realize he was never going to settle for ‘just enough’

He wanted those 2 commas (and knew eventually he’d get there on his own)

But he realized he could get there A LOT faster with direct guidance and mentorship from someone who actually built and active runs a successful agency.

In less than 6 months, this happened…

If not for this rapid scaling model, he may still be ‘figuring it out’

At a certain point he got sick of saying “One day I’ll be at 7-Figures”

and “Next year I’m going to travel more…”

And decided that NOW is the time I’m actually going to turn things around…

Most Agency Owners never will though…

They’re trapped in something called the “Doom Loop” (I’ll explain shortly)

It blinds you into a false sense of forward movement and success.


Sort of like the frog in boiling water…

Reality sets in, and it’s already too late.

You may be there right now,

Unknowingly chasing your tail while the guru puppet masters shove another $997 course down your throat…

But when you look up and see you’re being controlled by talking heads,

Something magical happens.

That’s Temple.

He was able to scale up to 10k a month in a brand new niche in his first 4 weeks working with me.

Or Jordan Kee:

Using our model, Jordan’s prospects come to him.

Zero time wasted on…

  • Cold calling
  • Cold emailing
  • Sending personalized videos

Am I knockin’ cold email?


In fact it CAN be pretty effective.

(if you do it correctly)

Ask Ryan Brown:

He sent 250 emails using my script and got 10 YES’s within 8 hours.

But there is a better, more hands-off approach to scaling an agency.

I call it, the Agency Flywheel™ model.

The first piece we’ll put in place is the oddly scalable machine that works tirelessly to put our ideal clients right into our team’s calendar.

And a predictable mechanism to convert 34-42% of those appointments into paying clients…

No…not just any clients.

They’re covertly selling for us all the time.

One client’s already added $170,235 at the time of writing this…

(and that number goes up every single day )

This is the Agency Flywheel.

And it looks like this:

In order to get the Flywheel to spin, it takes an immense amount of effort…

But once it starts going, it…

Does. Not. Stop.

Imagine that…

Your agency growing so rapidly its out of your control…

So whether or not you’re “grinding’ 24/7 to stay congruent with that motivational poster in your office…

Taking some much-deserved time off to relax…

…or finally take that vacation you’ve been putting off.

The appointments still flooding your closers’ calendars.

Stripe notifications remain consistent.

Even if you’re getting a massage like Allie was when she made her first sale without needing to get on the call….

Clients are still getting onboarded.

Campaigns launching.

And your clients still get amazing results, even though you’re not the one pulling the lever.

But this doesn’t just happen on its own.

Remember, to get the Flywheel going it takes “an immense amount effort”

And that’s effort towards the RIGHT things.

I’m sorry to say, but most programs that claim to show you how to scale your agency…are steering you in the complete wrong direction.

And there comes a hidden cost.

No, I’m not talking about the upsells…

LEAKED: The Modern-Day Guru’s Playbook for Deception

If you’ve lost money or time with other coaches or gurus in the past…

It’s NOT your fault…

That’s because all other agency programs on earth that I’m aware of are based on


And it’s keeping you in what’s called the “Agency Doom Loop”

The Doom Loop is the #1 reason why agency owners never reach their full potential.

…and I hate to tell ya, but it’s biggest pocket-liner for gurus today.

So it’s actually in their best interest for you to fall into this trap.

Because it means they can keep selling you products over and over again.

This is how the Doom Loop works:

1. Aspiring Agency Owner buys information

2. Information creates incremental growth

3. Agency Owner quickly hits growth ceiling

4. Agency Owner seeks new information

5. Guru scrambles to find more information to sell

6. Agency owner changes direction and all momentum is lost

And this cycle repeats itself over and over and over again with a gravitational pull that sucks in unsuspecting Agency Owners like clockwork.

Over the last few years, I’ve come across an alarming number of victims. ..

But, how does BECOME said guru…?

Well, here's how it works:


Stage 1: Broke and figuring out how to make money online 

Stage 2: Buys a bunch of info products

Stage 3: Has minor success

Stage 4: Launches an info-product selling the dream

As the guru approaches Stage 4, its already began to draw you in with bait posts touting a level of freedom yet to be attained.

“How is this dude out here travelling the world while I’m stuck behind my laptop all day talking to clients and trapped in a never-ending cycle of work?”

Great question.

I wondered this myself…

After infiltrating various guru social-circles I discovered that…

These trips are paid for by early-stage victims of the guru.

…and the actual intention is to get the content necessary to trick you into thinking they’ve “made it”

When in reality,

They’re bank accounts are looking dismal.

“But he showed us his Stripe account and…”


Ever notice how the Stripe screenshots typically come after Stage 4?

That’s because they’re deceptively using the funds collected from coaching to sell more coaching

The guru knows you’re in a vulnerable state and strategically builds you into their “Client Avatar” so they can capitalize.

But I’m hoping this discovery snaps you out hypnosis.

I remember when I first realized the foundation my agency I was built on was actually “Low-Six-Figure Quicksand”

After mindlessly staring at my computer for hours…

Wanting to get the work done but not know exactly WHAT to do…

I was seething.

This hot feeling spread from my head down to my toes.

Get Bulletproof Agency (How To Grow An Agency During Coronavirus) – Joel Kaplan, Only Price $87

Sitting there alone in my office…asking myself these questions in my head…

“What’s at stake if you DON’T figure it out?”

“How much is it costing me mentally to find this notebook with my goals on it from 6 months ago…and realize I haven’t even come close to hitting them?'

“There’s 13-year-old YouTubers making $17 million dollars a year playing video games and I’m sitting here having panic attacks about Chiropractors?!”

“How much is it costing me physically to sit behind my desk for 12 hours every single day…?” 

“When’s the terrible diet and sedentary lifestyle going to catch up to me?”

“How much time will I waste on the wrong strategies before I wake up one day and realize the years are passing faster than they used to and I'm STILL not where I want to be…?”

“How long will I let another person's success make me angry when deep-down you know you should be happy for them?” 

Thank god most of my social interaction is done online.

Because it’s not easy to congratulate someone through your teeth in person without exposing yourself.

I was sick of it.

I decided I was either going to figure out how to scale to 7-figures…and automate my business… 

OR close down my agency all together.

That was Circa 2018

I was unknowingly trapped in the Doom Loop (and it almost killed me.)

Really I didn't think I was going to make it as an entrepreneur.

And honestly, from where I was at the time…

It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be (or at least the vision I was sold)

I was at the proverbial $10k/month

And of course I was proud that we’d gotten our first few clients and had hit “6-figures”

But that’s pretty much where everything started to fall apart…

I was working SO MUCH on things I didn’t want to be spending my time on.

Talking to clients…

Making dumb changes to the ads at their request

Just so I could make them happy.(really it was out of fear of losing clients’ I couldn’t afford to lose)

Begging them to stay after the first month.

Pretty much lost every shred of dignity I had left.

It got so bad that every time I’d get an email or a phone call,

My heart would drop…

Creating an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I was sure it was going to be a client demanding a refund…

…or an irate client who cancelling services because “the leads weren’t high-quality”

Kinda crazy,

Running my agency actually conditioned my body to create a physiological response triggered by the sound of my phone ringing.

I was a wreck.

Which was messed up because I had to put on this face like everything was alright.

(after all, I was making “six-figures” in my agency and that’s what the gurus’ were hocking as the dream life)

And newer agency owners who hadn’t gotten this far yet crowned me with this undeserved badge-of-honor.

I wanted to tell them that it’s NOT what you think it is.

I felt like a fraud.

My Instagram bio said “Entrepreneur” but I knew that deep down I was just a high-paid freelancer.

It got so bad that I wanted to get another job.

I thought “At least there wouldn’t be so much pressure and stress and anxiety”

Panic attacks are NOT fun.

Even went as far as to make a custom video for my job application so I could stand out.

…and THANK GOD I didn’t get the job,

Because shortly after that something insane happened…


Remember how I said the Flywheel needs an “immense amount of effort” to start?

Well, guess what…


My agency has its breakthrough moment.

An overwhelming amount of bookings on the calendar…

Signing 3, 4, 5 – 6 clients A WEEK.

Couple months in and we’re breaking records and closing 37 agency clients in ONE MONTH!

Insanely enough, my workload isn’t increasing either.

As my income’s on the rise – I’m working LESS.

3-4 months before I was in “Freelancer H-E-L-L”

Now I’m ugly-crying tears of joy.

Because the chains are broken…

…and freedom reigns for the FIRST time in my life.

Guess I need to find a hobby, eh?


I’m a workaholic…

(takes one to know one  …)

That’s why I’m dedicating all my newfound time to giving you the EXACT step-by-step

process we took to get our breakthrough moment.

And that “immense of amount of effort” thing…

The bulk of that was done by yours truly.

Because you’re not going to need to create much of anything from scratch.

That’s the magic of our model.

We have this so extremely down-pat that over the last few months…

Atlas (my company) has launched 2 brand new agencies.

Took us less than 72 hours to get our first client in one, and the other shot to over $30k a month in record time.

Get Bulletproof Agency (How To Grow An Agency During Coronavirus) – Joel Kaplan, Only Price $87

Here's Your Private Invitation to Apply:

I’m going to be laying this foundation for you.  

Just upload my systems and processes into your biz and *VOILA*


I’ll even sneak you in the back door so you can take a look and everything that’s helped us crush 3+ million dollars so far…

Everything You'll Get If We Accept Your Application:

(We accept less than 20% of applicants)

Re-Wiring Your Brain for Agency Success in 2020:

  • How Your Agency’s Foundation is Flawed…(and Why if you continue building this way it’ll crumble unexpectedly) 
  • Scientifically Choose a Scalable Market With The Niche Calculator (So you can spend PROFITABLY on ads and stop relying on organic or direct outreach to fill your calendar)
  • The Ultimate Paradigm Shift for Lost Agency Owners (Rewire your brain for focus and clarity)
  • How Smart Agency Owners KILL Their Shiny-Object-Syndrome (…and avoid the all-too-common mistakes that keep you poor)
  • Defeating the Patience Principle (and how to have your BREAKTHROUGH moment a lot faster than we did)
  • 7 Ways to Bring Your Inner-Game to the Big Leagues (even if you’ve tried “everything” and STILL struggle with mindset)
  • The Secret to Simplification (you NEED this if analysis-paralysis holds you back from taking action)

Pillar #1 – Setting Appointments

Our $3 million a year Agency’s SOP’s and Systems for…

  • Setting Up an Organic Prospecting Mechanism (that yields up 7-10 clients every month alone) for $400-600 per month…
  • Cold Email (Sneaky ways to guarantee a high-deliverability and connect with ideal prospects who’re looking for you)
  • Voicemail Drops (Curiosity-invoking scripts that get dozens of call-backs from prospects with the push of a button)
  • DM’s that get Decision-Makers to Book Directly in Your Calendar and Leave Their PERSONAL Cell Number (While Avoiding the Pitfalls of Getting Your Profiles Banned with Organic Messaging)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls With a Multi-Million Dollar Copywriter (So you get personal attention on your ads, funnels, cold emails, scripts, and much more)

Advanced Paid Ad Strategies for Agencies: 

  • How to GUARANTEE Your Campaigns Spit Appointments at You For Years to Come
  • An over-the-shoulder look at how to set up an inbound leads campaign in less than 30 minutes (even if you don’t have any testimonials, can’t write copy, or don’t have any market research)
  • 2-Steps to Getting Hungry Pre-Sold Prospects Lining Up to Hear Your Offer 
  • The Busy Agency Owner’s Strategy for Managing Your Inbound Campaigns (Set this up RIGHT and you’ll have evergreen ads that work for years…)
  • How to Model Any Ad from Any Industry and put your own Unique spin on it (So you can quit looking like all your competitors and win the bidding war ten-fold)
  • How to Optimize Your Campaigns for the Lowest Cost-Per-Call (so you can profit on the FRONT-END)
  • LIFETIME Licensing-Rights to the FB Ad Copy and EXACT Funnel We Used to Rapidly Scale to 7-Figures (…and won us a shiny 2 comma club award)
  • Detailed Breakdown of Our 2 Comma Club Funnel (and how you can model it for your agency, no matter what niche you’re in) 
  • How to Get Started With YouTube Ads (Tap into the most cost-effective way to generate inbound leads for your Agency…This is for you if you've gotten ad accounts banned and don't want to rely on Zuck forever…)

Pillar #2 – Closing Appointments

  • How to Repel Bad-Fits and Hook Your Ideal Clients into your Offer (in 15 minutes or less!!!)
  • Listen to LIVE Recordings of Closed Sales Calls (…see what closing at 60%+ actually looks like)
  • Be a Fly-on-the-Wall in dozens of our INTERNAL team’s Sales Trainings (steal our meeting structure and management style if you have salespeople)
  • How and Where to Hire Hungry Closers Who Work on STRAIGHT-COMMISSION (so you can get OFF the phones and win back your time)
  • How and Where to Hire Hungry Closers Who Work on STRAIGHT-COMMISSION (so you can get OFF the phones and win back your time)
  • The #1 Secret to 7-Figure Agency Sales Presentations (Knowing this one thing took Omer from Uber-Driver to closing over $2 million in revenue his first year with us)
  • The Exact Presentation We Use to Close 60%+ of the Clients We Get on the Phone With (and Exactly How to Customize it for Your Agency for Easy Sales)


  •  Doubled our Retention Rate 
  • Constantly Improves Client-Happiness and Decreasing Annoying Requests / Complaints
  •  Programs our soon-to-be clients to refer us business in the first WEEK working with us


  • The Quickest Way Move Skeptical Prospects Through Your Sales Cycle (and turn them into your BEST clients)
  • How to Handle ANY and ALL Objections Before You Hear Them (so when you ask for the card you hear those sweet-sweet digits instead of “I need to think about it”)
  • Simple Strategies We Used to Double (and sometimes TRIPLE) Our Salespeoples' Close Rates
  • Psychological Tricks That Keep Your Prospects ENGAGED During Your Pitch (if you’ve ever had a prospect lose interest in the middle of your call…you NEED this)
  • How to Use an Emotional Story to Put Your Prospect in a BUYING-state (even if you don’t have a good story to tell)
  • How to Craft the PERFECT Offer Stack (and Make Saying “YES!” a No-brainer)
  • How to Leverage Negative Risk-Reversal (and why it’s CRUCIAL to Success in Selling Agency Services) 
  • The EXACT Price Reveal Strategy That Increased Close-Rates by 11% OVERNIGHT
  • How to Use Decoy-Pricing for ANY Offer…(and why if you don’t you’re leaving six-figures minimum on the table over the next few months)
  • How to Weak Points in Your Sales Process (and remove them with ease)


  • Get Your Sales Calls Reviewed
  • Hear What’s Working RIGHT Now
  • Bring Your Salespeople to Learn From the Best


  • Follow-Up mastery with email and SMS scripts (so you can get clients back on the phones and close them with ease)
  • 7-Figure Agency CEO breaks down his sales process for the group (and how adding upsells and downsells is the KEY to liquidating ad costs…even if your costs rise)

Pillar #3 – Systems and Scaling

(If you’ve ever struggled with clarity around setting up systems so you transition to CEO then, this is the training for YOU.)

Together, we’ll cover:…

  • The exact process every single client goes through (from the very first touch point up until they leave…)
  • How to easily track every metric and measure your way to success (getting this right is one of the biggest contributors to my success)
  • Dispelling the Complexity around creating scalable systems (Model our PROVEN step-by-steps for your own Agency)
  • The Secrets-to-Retention: What Gurus DON’T Teach (because they don’t know…)
  • Account Manager Masterclass (hiring, systems, automations, scripts, processes)

(Sick of talking to clients? Use our job ads, interviewing process, scripts, and trainings to get your new hire up-to-speed LIGHTNING fast so you can win back more of your time)

  • How to automate 80% of EVERYTHING (so you can keep operating costs crazy low and scale without too much overhead or infrastructure)
  • Virtual Assistant Masterclass (everything you need to know about hiring, training, and managing VA’s)

Get Bulletproof Agency (How To Grow An Agency During Coronavirus) – Joel Kaplan, Only Price $87

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