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Special thanks to the ManKind Project USA for producing the audio book.  If you should decide to purchase the paperback or e-book, 10% of the proceeds will benefit MKP USA.

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Special thanks to the ManKind Project USA for producing the audio book.  If you should decide to purchase the paperback or e-book, 10% of the proceeds will benefit MKP USA.

In the shadow of school shootings and the light of #metoo / #timesup, there is a rising movement to create a stronger, more compassionate, purpose-driven and emotionally aware manhood. Too many men are struggling, isolated and disconnected. It’s time for a sea change.

The ManKind Project USA is on the front line of this awakening for men, offering trainings that empower men to connect with their emotions, purpose and values and step into a new way of being and leading in their careers and communities.


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Part One: Purpose Revealed

Part One is an exploration into what purpose actually is. It’s sole goal is to inspire you with what your life could look like if you were more deeply connected to your purpose.

You’ll explore the definition of purpose in the Chapter 2, “What is Purpose?,” examining every aspect of your purpose and how your purpose actually works in your life in Chapter 3: “How Does Purpose Work?”

In the chapters that follow, you’ll cultivate an understanding of the scientific benefits and felt experience of having your health, career, love life and public life driven by your purpose: “The Science of Purpose” Chapters (4, 5, 6 and 7).

In Chapter 8: “Your Path to Purpose” and Chapter 9: “The Five Ecstasies of Purpose” you’ll get a deeply feel for the journey itself, a roadmap of what to expect as you discover and embody your higher purpose.

Forward by Tim Kelley


  • Chapter 1: Purpose, the New Normal?
  • Chapter 2: What is Purpose?
  • Chapter 3: How Does Purpose Work?
  • Chapter 4: The Science of Purpose – Health
  • Chapter 5: The Science of Purpose – Career
  • Chapter 6: The Science of Purpose – Love
  • Chapter 7: The Science of Purpose – A Better World
  • Chapter 8: Your Path to Purpose
  • Chapter 9: The Five Ecstasies of Purpose

Part Two: Your Purpose

Part Two contains instructions to access a powerful online purpose discovery course, the Global Purpose Expedition.

The GPE is a proven path to awaken your purpose in a very short period of time. It includes numerous exercises that empower you to know your purpose and blast through obstacles to living it, so as to make purpose your new normal and put it into practice in the world.  These exercises are the most effective purpose discovery exercises I have encountered.

In chapters 11, 12 and 13, you’ll then explore how to embody your purpose, move it into your career and lead with it.

  • Chapter 10: Your Global Purpose Expedition
  • Chapter 11: Creating a Purpose-Driven Career
  • Chapter 12: An Evolutionary Model of Purpose and Leadership
  • Chapter 13: The Four Commitments of the Shambhala Leader

Part Three: Humanity’s Purpose

Part Three calls you to more fully live your higher purpose in the world and serve the purpose of the whole.  To do this we must do a deep dive into the context of your life’s purpose. We’ll begin with an exploration of the “Purpose of the Cosmos” and the “Purpose of Humanity”, connecting you to a broad identity and scope that includes and connects your life, health, family, career, country, species and planet.

This will empower you to engage head on with world as it is and awaken your purpose-driven leadership. You’ll also discover where we are starting from in “Humanity’s Midlife Crisis”.

  • Chapter 14: The Power of Context
  • Chapter 15: The Purpose of the Cosmos
  • Chapter 16: The Purpose of the Human Species
  • Chapter 17: Humanity’s Midlife Crisis


Part Four: Answering the Call

Part Four is an exploration of how we create a world that allows everyone to find, live and lead with our unique purpose.  We’ll explore a specific economic, political and cultural vision for our “Planet on Purpose”, and how your life’s purpose can accelerate humanity’s purposeful, peaceful, just, sustainable and abundant future.

We’ll move through Part Four with the question, “What would it look like if everyone was committed to living their life’s purpose at every level of human cooperation, from romance to family to community to company to nation to species and planet?”

  • Chapter 18: The Possibility of Collective Purpose
  • Chapter 19: An Economy on Purpose
  • Chapter 20: The Purposeful City-State
  • Chapter 21: Love, Family, Community and Culture on Purpose
  • Chapter 22: The Declaration of Soul


  • Appendix A: A Note on the Use of Spiritual and Psychological Language
  • Appendix B: The History of Purpose
  • Appendix C: Purpose Transformation Resources
  • Appendix D: The Buffalo Heart Manifesto
  • Appendix E: Chicago on Purpose
  • Appendix F: Starting Point for a Purposeful US Government

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