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Everything you need to start building financial security and independence with outdoor billboards.

If you want to learn more about investing in the outdoor billboard business, this course is absolutely essential.

It covers all aspects of the business from selecting your market and laying the groundwork, to identifying locations, deciding size and configuration, negotiating with land owners, obtaining permits, building the sign, renting the advertising space, managing the sign, and preparing for an exit strategy.

Not only will you learn step-by-step what to do, you’ll know the shortcuts and “insider” secrets the professionals use.

Investing in Outdoor Media home study course is not like anything you have ever seen before. This is not a bunch of fluff on how you are going to make a million bucks overnight. Frank Rolfe gives you the whole story–the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.

His goal is simple–to show you the right way to get into the outdoor billboard business (and how to avoid making costly mistakes that can jeopardize your investment).

This course includes…

The 375-page Investing in Outdoor Media home study course manual

Plus (10) hours on audio CD, including:

Getting Started

Initial Housekeeping

10 Steps to Rent Any Sign

Mental Preparation


How to Find a Billboard Location Audio CD

Picking a Market

Assembling Your Tools

Marking up Maps and Ordinances

Finding Spacings

Contacting Owners

Meeting with Landowners

Signing up Leases

Thinking Outside the Box

  • How to Buy a Billboard Audio CD
  • How to Find a Billboard to Buy
  • How to Approach an Owner
  • How to Let the Owner Calculate the Price in Your Favor
  • How to Construct a Contract to Buy
  • How to Perform Due Diligence

How to Detect Dirty Tricks

  • How to Build a Billboard Audio CD
  • How to Pick a Size
  • How to Pick the Height
  • How to Decide on a Structure Type
  • How to Choose the Site to Drill
  • How to Get Electricity

Big Problems to Watch out for

  • How to Operate a Billboard CD
  • How to Make a Budget that is Realistic
  • Collections–the Most Important Thing to Watch
  • How to Develop Easy to Use Systems For Everything
  • All about Lights and Timers
  • How to Measure Your Success–Renewals

How to Avoid Big Disasters

  • How to Rent Ad Space on a Billboard Audio CD
  • How to Price the Billboard
  • How to Market the Space
  • Meeting with Advertisers
  • How to Close the Deal

Client Follow-up and Satisfaction

  • How to Rent Anything
  • How to Sell a Billboard Audio CD
  • How to Price It
  • How to Market It
  • How to Groom It for Sale
  • How to Meet with Buyers
  • How to Negotiate

How to be Easy to Buy from…with Repeat Potential

So to recap, with Investing in Outdoor Media home study course you get:

checkmark The 375-page manual with all the information you need to know to succeed, including special tricks and insider secrets to get ahead of the competition

checkmark 4 hours of audio CDs (Getting Started, Initial Housekeeping, 10 Steps to Rent any Sign, and Mental Preparation)

checkmark 6 hours of audio CDs on the key concepts of: Finding locations, buying locations, building signs, operating signs, renting ad space, and selling billboards

checkmark 175 pages of transcripts of the audio CDs (.pdf downloads)

checkmark Frank’s Billboard Ground Lease form

checkmark Free access to the weekly Mentoring Hour

If you really want to be in the outdoor billboard business, whether full-time or part-time, this course will show you exactly how to do it correctly and set you on the right path to success. This is 100% professional information and strategies–all of which are backed by Frank Rolfe’s real-life experiences.

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