Become Your Own Medicine (A 12-week nervous system rewire) – irene Lyons


Become Your Own Medicine (A 12-week nervous system rewire) – irene Lyons…If you’ve been on a lifelong healing journey to find that missing link that can shift all aspects of your life, then this program is for you.

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Become Your Own Medicine (A 12-week nervous system rewire) – irene Lyons

Become Your Own Medicine

SmartBody SmartMind™ is a 12-week online group program created by nervous system expert and somatic practitioner Irene Lyon, MSc. This revolutionary program runs once a year and teaches you how to become your own medicine.

Its focus is to restore nervous system regulation through polyvagal-informed education, practical neurosensory exercises, and interactive support.

Break through anxiety, burnout, and chronic symptoms and live a more empowered life by healing at the root level: the nervous system

SmartBody SmartMind™ is for you if you know at your core that you can heal, but you’ve tried so many different approaches that you are left wondering: is there something wrong with me?

Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with you!

The nervous system drives our entire well-being, and until we get these essential foundations in place, it’s hard for deep healing to take place and most importantly stick.

If you’ve been on a lifelong healing journey to find that missing link that can shift all aspects of your life, then this program is for you

Here are some tell tale signs that the nervous system, specifically the autonomic nervous system, is dysregulated (aka: out-of-whack):

  • Trouble focusing and having a mind that runs a million miles a minute.
  • Trouble expressing anger – either not at all, or way too much!

  • Difficulty setting clear boundaries and getting needs met, and/or staying in toxic relationships.
  • Trouble sleeping or staying asleep (or the opposite: needing A LOT of sleep but never feeling rested).
  • Feeling numbed out, dissociated, dis-embodied, and not connected to the present moment (aka: depersonalization, derealization).
  • Stubborn health issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, severe PMS, CFS, IBS
  • Low confidence or self-worth that gets in the way of being authentic and courageous and moving forward in life (in small and big ways).
  • Feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or even completely exhausted, often with signs of adrenal fatigue.
  • Irrational fears, resistance, and procrastination.
  • Feelings of anxiety and/or depression that zap your energy.


SmartBody SmartMind’s (SBSM) curriculum is released over the 12 weeks we are live in session. All educational video trainings, practical neurosensory exercises, live calls, bonuses, and supplemental resources are housed on our SBSM program website that you have access to as a paid member.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

  • 10 Training Modules
  • Curated Q&A Calls
  • 30+ Neurosensory Exercises
  • 9 Training (lecture-style) Calls
  • Professional Support
  • Post-SBSM Program Integration

What You Get When You Join

Your New Medicine is Waiting for You! 

I believe in the importance of this work – not only at the individual level, but also because it can foster real transformation in the world – so much so that I decided to create this program, so that it could be more accessible to all.

This program has the potential to bring profound healing and change to your life.

I know this firsthand! In 1999, my healing journey began with some serious physical injuries that did not fully recover with conventional treatments. It was disheartening to realize that physical rehabilitation and exercise science, both of which I had studied extensively, weren’t helping my own body. So I had to dig deeper and look for more.

This led me to the world of neuroplastic healing, the mind-body connection, and the importance of healing trauma at the nervous system level. This led me to uncovering stored traumas that I didn’t even know I had, all while adding more professional training to my tool box.

It took me 20+ years to get to this point, and I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to take you that long because I’ve put in the time for you! I teach this work because I needed it, and I believe the world needs it. No one should go without true healing. We all deserve it.

I hear from SmartBody SmartMind participants over and over again that they wish they’d found this work sooner. As they work through the program, at their own pace, honouring their body and its needs, it became very clear to them that it was the one thing they’d been searching for their entire lives.

I don’t say this lightly – when people show up and do this work with consistency and care for their own personal limits, magic can happen.

This program is not only an educational and practical learning journey, it is a lifestyle change and new global community right at your fingertips.


SmartBody SmartMind is a revolutionary online training designed to teach YOU how to tap into the power of your nervous system in profound ways.

Are you ready to:

  • Experience the aliveness and power that’s waiting for you just below the surface?
  • Deepen your understanding of nervous system physiology so you can take your healing into your own hands?
  • Become trauma-informed, the right way, so you can take your work with others to the next level?*
  • Break free from stress, anxiety and overwhelm to create lasting change?

If your answer is YES then I’d love you to join me, my team, and our global community for the next round of SmartBody SmartMind™.

*PLEASE NOTE: Many of our participants are in the helping and healing professions and they embark on the SmartBody SmartMind™ journey to further their own self-knowledge and trauma healing, while becoming trauma-informed at the highest level possible. There can be massive benefit in adding SBSM to one’s toolbox. This program can definitely change how you work with your clients, students, and patients because it is directly changing you and your resiliency, but this program will not certify you to do somatic trauma healing work. SmartBody SmartMind™ (SBSM) is not an accredited professional training program. We advise you consult our FAQ page and scroll down to, ‘Will I become certified in this approach after doing this program?’ for a more detailed explanation.

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