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  • Get a current reality check and begin exploring your true passion and purpose
  • Cultivate your confidence, and discover your self-sabotage patterns and tendencies that are holding you back
  • Discover the Golden Rituals that are the foundation of success
  • Create a personal “summit” and chart a course to reach it

We all know how important taking time out is. However, few take real quality time, and very few do this in a structured environment, facilitated by a coach who is not attached to the outcome.

A variety of participants from Olympic Athletes, TV personalities, Business Leaders, Moms to Couples and everyone in between have participated in this Breakthrough Summit to enhance their lives.

BaseCamp is designed to support people gain clarity in the lives they live or the lives they want to live. Some come seeking support in the change they know they need to make, while others come knowing they need to make a change but are unsure what that looks like.

Often people spend years climbing for a summit and realize half way through that they are going in the wrong direction.

At BaseCamp you will explore the authenticity of your own life, tackle some of the blind-spots that you are unaware of that hold you back, create a vision for your future and have a ton of fun as you prepare to embark on the world’s biggest mountain, your own Authentic Life.

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