Anatomy For Embodiment 2022 – Dr. Sue Morter


Anatomy For Embodiment 2022  – Dr. Sue Morter… Discover how anatomy and physiology work in harmony to enhance healing and deeper embodiment in your students and clients, as well as your own personal transformation!

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Anatomy For Embodiment 2022 – Dr. Sue Morter

Anatomy For Embodiment 2022 - Dr. Sue Morter

Join Dr. Sue Morter, along with Dr. Bruce Phillips, for NEW Anatomy for Embodiment Course!

Discover how anatomy and physiology work in harmony to enhance healing and deeper embodiment in your students and clients, as well as your own personal transformation!

In the Anatomy for Embodiment Interactive Livestream Course, you’ll discover how the physical systems work together with the immune system and healing responses of the body, and how to utilize them to their maximum potential. 

Co-taught by Dr. Sue Morter and Dr. Bruce Phillips, combining years of chiropractic and bioenergetic knowledge and experience, this course delivers a deeper understanding of the structure of the physical body (anatomy) and its function (physiology) as how they relate to and facilitate the embodiment of high frequency energy, or consciousness, into the system.

If you haven’t had professional training along these lines – NOW YOU CAN.

Anatomy of Embodiment offers:

  • Greater awareness and knowledge about how the human form is made
  • How the anatomical construct of the physical form serves the embodiment of consciousness in relation to bioenergetics
  • Deeper understanding of general Anatomy – bones, muscles, and nerves (to include palpating!)
  • Insights into general NeuroAnatomy including the brain, types of nerve fibers and receptors, general neurological concepts, and more…
  • Overview of Physiology including nerve firing, fascia, Endocrine function, muscle contractions, lymph system, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and more…
  • Discovery of the Electromagnetic Energy System (the one that creates the nervous system and anatomical systems of the body in the developing embryo) and the underlying system of how energy flows in the body and how energy healing works
  • And more…

Anatomy for Embodiment is perfect for B.E.S.T. and Spiritual B.E.S.T. Practitioners, BodyAwake Yoga students and Certified Teachers, Energy Codes Certified Facilitators, Remote Healers, and anyone looking to further their knowledge and embodiment of the systems of the physical body as they relate to the Energy Codes practices.

BodyAwake® Yoga Students and Teachers:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy of the body and how it moves as it translates to a BodyAwake Yoga class
  • Work with physical movements on the mat to prevent injury
  • Discover knowledge to provide maximum opening of the body allowing sacred space to be generated so energies can move through the body in the ways in which it was designed

B.E.S.T. and Spiritual B.E.S.T. Practitioners:

  • Increase your knowledge of how the human system works and how to affect different systems of the body
  • Deepen your practical application of B.E.S.T. by working with greater details of bioenergetics
  • Discover ways to bring in higher states of consciousness and infuse them into the anatomy
  • Go deeper into detail of the influence of subconscious interferences and the purpose of holding various contact points on the body

Remote Healers

  • The more we know how the body works/functions in regards to how it relates to grounding and anchoring, the more capable we are as healers
  • This knowledge infuses our consciousness when doing remote work into the specific areas of the body and how those compartments and components work together to generate healing environment inside our recipients’ systems
  • Create a deepening of your understanding of your capacity as a healer

Deepen your understanding as a teacher, practitioner, facilitator, and student of The Energy Codes®

Feel confident about your comprehension of all teachings offered by Morter Institute

Understand physiology of the body and mechanics of breathwork

Explain anatomy from the perspective of how it relates to The Energy Codes, BodyAwake Yoga and the specific offerings of Morter Institute and teach these concepts to others

Feel grounded, certain, and clear as to how the body moves and what effects you’re implementing

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