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About Neigong or Internal Work

When you start exploring Taichi, Chi Gung or Taoist writings, you may eventually stumble on terms such as neigong or Taoist alchemy. “Gong” means “work,” and “Neigong” means “internal work.”

Internal work in Taichi refers to meditation, practice and energy work designed to transform us at a very deep level. The moving meditation training you receive from Master Liao includes a focus on internal work, as it is the foundation of our training style and goals.

In essence, on this site, ALL of our Taichi is neigong as ALL of our Taichi, when practiced meditatively and sincerely, has the potential to transform our innermost being over time. We seek a qualitative change in ourselves through our energy work, to become better people who are more in harmony with the energy of the universe. That “quality change” we seek is the reason the term “alchemy” was used by those old Taoists. We really are trying to change something common into something extraordinary, like lead into gold!

Certain practice forms are more potent for internal work and fall into a category called “Tao Gong,” or “Tao’s work.” You’ll find other videos and courses appearing on our channel where you can learn these Tao Gong meditation techniques. But don’t worry, as again, your ongoing regular practice of Taichi under Master Liao has a high level of internal work built in.

About This Course

In this course, we will learn the fundamental goal of internal work in Taichi. Much like a journey, it helps to know the destination of the road you are on and who wrote the map you are following and why. This course will help explain why the ancient Taoists practiced so diligently, and what they discovered about the ultimate rewards of their internal work.

Once you finish this video course, you will be ready for the ADVANCED THEORY OF INTERNAL WORK course found in our advanced learning level collection.

The best reading to accompany this course is the book, “Restoring Your Life Energy.” It will complement the course material in broadening your understanding of “Why?” we do Taichi and how our life energy is the gateway to personal and spiritual transformation.

This course has been placed in the Tao Wisdom category because of its strong roots in ancient Taoist teaching. It could just as easily be at home in the Restore Your Chi category as well.

The talks contained in this course appeared on a little-known DVD titled “The Real Goal of Taichi” that very few people had access to. The material was rescued from old tapes in our “back room” and required a great deal of sound editing to make them presentable. They are our version of “garage tapes,” and just as valuable!

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