All Time High Trading Course – Tradeversity


All Time High Trading Course – Tradeversity… This course has everything you need to rip through the chart and become consistently profitable. EVERYTHING.


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All Time High Trading Course – Tradeversity

No complicated shit. No having to align the sun, moon, and stars to take a trade anymore. Rinse and repeat. I’ll show you how to effectively and logically trade.

What You’ll Learn…

  • 😎Learn To Trade For REAL
  • Build Your Schedule
  • Learn The Secrets To Get Tight Entries🤯
  • Learn How To Get FTMO Funded🤑
  • Master ANY Time Frame
  • LIFETIME Access To Upgrades & New Content
  • Analysis in Action🏆
  • 60+ Lessons
  • 3-Step Confirmation For Verified Entries
  • Confluence Cocktail Trading
  • 👽Time Frame Matrix Training
  • The Only Candlestick Patterns That Matter🕯️
  • 📉Simple 6-Step Analysis For ANY Pair
  • When To Buy On A Touch
  • Lost Faith Entry
  • Full Divergence Field Guide Training
  • The Truth About Key Areas
  • 🚀The Key To Making Insane Progress

This course has everything you need to rip through the chart and become consistently profitable. EVERYTHING.

Course Introduction

Welcome Video

5 mins28.9 MB

The Journey

Scheduling & Burnout

7 mins67.8 MB

The Importance of Having a Life | Understanding Time & Intensity

15 mins80.5 MB

Demo Trading | A Necessity

8 mins17.6 MB

Key Area

What’s a Key Area?

6 mins96.2 MB

How to Find and plot Key Areas

9 mins166 MB

How Many Key Areas Do I Need?

7 mins126 MB

Key Area Expiration

8 mins136 MB

Time Frames

11 mins212 MB


12 mins261 MB


11 mins201 MB

Propensity for Movement

6 mins143 MB

The Time Frame Matrix

24 mins656 MB


How & Why we Validate Trades

6 mins58.9 MB


Understanding & Finding Divergence

8 mins192 MB

Locating Divergence At A Key Area

3 mins81.4 MB

Drawing Your Trendline

11 mins250 MB

Divergence Entries

14 mins269 MB

Take Profits

10 mins236 MB

Stop Loss Placement

3 mins62.2 MB

Trade Management

5 mins87.6 MB

Divergence Picture Guide 1

Divergence Picture Guide 2

Increasing Divergence Quality

15 mins290 MB

False Signals & Fake Outs

13 mins299 MB

Divergence Field Guide

Divergence Trade

6 mins109 MB

Price Patterns & Entries

Single + Double Wick Rejection Candles

(1h 09m 07s)1.81 GB

Double Top/Bottom | Engulfing | Momentum Reversal

21 mins251 MB

Lost Faith Entry

9 mins141 MB

The Power Entry

5 mins33.6 MB

Head & Shoulders

9 mins60.7 MB

1m S/R Levels

8 mins56.2 MB

Momentum Entry

10 mins64 MB

When To Buy On A Touch

8 mins53.7 MB

Pattern Inception Entries

6 mins48.2 MB


Layering Confluence

(1h 09m 19s)2.26 GB

The Confluence Cocktail

2 mins20.7 MB

Using EMAs

4 mins28 MB

Cross Areas

4 mins27.7 MB

Analysis + Trade Idea

Pairing Analysis + Trade Idea

1 min31.9 MB

6 Step Analysis for ANY Time Frame

29 mins237 MB

6 Step Analysis

Counter-trend vs Trend

5 mins103 MB

Finding Direction

19 mins347 MB


Understanding Momentum & Signs of Life

34 mins217 MB

Lot Sizes | Entries | Stop Losses

22 mins44.2 MB

Time & Pairs + News

10 mins19.8 MB

Trade Management & Execution in MT4 & Mapping on Tradingview

9 mins24.5 MB

Journaling For Success

12 mins117 MB

Strategy PDF Guide

2.47 MB

Strategy PDF Training

(2h 50m 00s)856 MB

The ONLY difference between the lower and higher time frame

10 MB


The Long Game

19 mins93.6 MB

When to Take a Break From Trading

20 mins49.3 MB

How Social Media Can Fuck Your Trading

10 mins23 MB

Creating Balance

17 mins82.5 MB

The Importance of Having A Life | Reality Check

15 mins30.6 MB

FTMO Bootcamp

Part 1 | The Holy Grail Of Trading Challenges

27 mins58.2 MB

Part 2 | Revenge Trading

7 mins20.1 MB

Part 3 | Patience

7 mins19.8 MB

FTMO Rules & Objectives

12 mins91.6 MB

FTMO Free Trial

10 mins14.1 MB

When am I ready for a paid FTMO challenge?

3 mins59.6 MB

Analysis In Action

EURUSD Analysis 1

5 mins92.4 MB

EURUSD Analysis 2

26 mins548 MB

EURUSD Analysis 3

16 mins394 MB

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