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Welcome Letters with Dan Kennedy… Advertorial Writing… Sales Emails with none other than Ben Settle… income-generating Autoresponders and Gauntlet Series Letters

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The Most Comprehensive Collaborative Learning Experience for Aspiring Copywriters:

  • Master 12 “Must-Know” Copy Assignments…
  • Learn from Master Copywriters…
  • Write for Live Clients…
  • Work with Your Own Copy Chief…

PLUS, our latest Bonus Learning Module:

Aaron DeHoog and Banyan Hill Publishing’s

“Ultimate Hotlist” Campaign Strategy

Yes, I’m ready!

Please sign me up for Advanced Training — AWAI’s “guided ascension” program where I’ll learn and master the dozen copy projects copywriters working today mustknow…

All under the guiding hand of 28-year direct-marketing veteran Sandy Franks, who will be my de facto “Copy Chief” for the full length of this exciting and life-changing journey.

I’ll be working on real assignments, for real products, from actual direct marketers, such as Agora’s Oxford ClubNewMarket HealthInternational Living, Dent Research, Banyan Hill Publishing, and AWAI’s Barefoot Writer franchise.

I’ll get tips, advice, and direction from more than a dozen guest instructors from the direct-response industry — people like:

  • Steve Sjuggerud from Stansberry Research…
  • Master email writer Ben Settle
  • Million-dollar-per-year copywriter Clayton Makepeace
  • Web writing pioneer Nick Usborne
  • Copywriting dynamo Marcella Allison
  • Direct Mail industry legend Bob Bly
  • Bill Bonner protégé and veteran financial copywriter John Forde
  • Health niche control-buster Carline Anglade-Cole
  • AWAI’s own Rebecca Matter — one of the top Web marketers in the country…
  • Dan Kennedy — one of the most accomplished writers and marketers of the last 40 years…
  • Plus, many more special guests…

Including Aaron DeHoog, formerly of Newsmax… now the publisher at Banyan Hill Publishing and mastermind behind the groundbreaking $13 Million “Ultimate Hotlist” Campaign, which will be revealed for the first time ever through an Advanced Training Bonus Module.

Be Ready to Write!

I understand this will be an intense and comprehensive learning experience.

Every module will contain targeted writing and reading assignments with the ultimate goal of mastering more than a dozen essential in-demand copy projects.

Everything I’ll Need to Know!

I’ll start with simple (but crucial) Insert Ads… move quickly to “Big Idea” Research… learn the art of writing News Items next… then to Newsletter Articles, the “little brother” of the traditional sales letter…

Welcome Letters with Dan Kennedy… Advertorial Writing… Sales Emails with none other than Ben Settle… income-generating Autoresponders and Gauntlet Series Letters

As I build up my writing and persuasion skills, I’ll move swiftly into the “deeper selling” aspect of copywriting: Revising Controls… Landing Page writing, design, and composition… long-form Sales Letters… and, ultimately, the Video Sales Letter (VSL).

As a special bonus, I’ll have an exclusive opportunity to learn all the elements that went into Aaron DeHoog and Banyan Hill Publishing’s $13 Million “Ultimate Hotlist” Mega-Campaign… from the hotlist-building lift notes… to the engagement letters… to the presentation event itself… to all the follow-up materials.

I recognize that this is invaluable information that very few copywriters will ever get to see — and can reward me with hundreds of thousands of dollars in added royalties and writing fees.

I’ll be writing and growing my skills every day.

Every month, I’ll be encouraged to submit my best work — so AWAI and the marketers participating in Advanced Training can see my work and assess my progress.

I'll have the opportunity to participate (if I choose to) in regular monthly live copy reviews, where Sandy and one other professional copywriter will review writing I submit (anonymously, if I choose) — as well as submissions from other Advanced Training members.

At the end of my journey, I’ll not only have a full portfolio of work, but I’ll have mastered every element of copywriting any high-level client or marketer will ever ask for…

PLUS — I’ll bring immense value to many smaller clients I talk to who have no idea of the impact these powerful marketing techniques can have on their businesses.

I Can’t Wait to Get Started!

Please sign me up today — just $2,900 for everything. (That’s under $250 per learning module — how can I go wrong?!)

Payment Option #1

I choose to pay for my Advanced Training in 4 payments of $725. (First payment is due now, with three additional payments in 30, 60, and 90 days.)


Payment Option #2

I’d like to pay in full now — and save $200! (My credit card will be billed a one-time charge of $2,700 today.)

My Success and Satisfaction Are Guaranteed

Regardless of whether I choose the easy payment plan — or to save $200 by paying in full now — there are two things I need to keep in mind.

First, my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed:

If, after 60 days, I’m not completely thrilled with the learning experience I’m having with Advanced Training — I can simply call or email you and I’ll be excused from the program and refunded any money I’ve paid to date.

It All Starts Right Away

Second, things will happen FAST once I sign up…

Right away, I’ll be invited to log on to the Advanced Training Member Page. Among other things, I’ll see:

  • A video Welcome Message from Sandy Franks, my de facto “Copy Chief” for Advanced Training
  • Video and materials from my Six “Clients”The Oxford ClubNewMarket Health, Barefoot Writer, Banyan Hill Publishing, International Living, and Dent Research.
  • A series of “pre-training” reading and viewing assignments… including my recommended reading from The Copywriter’s Essential Library…
  • Access to my full Resource Library… featuring professional Book Clubdiscussions… interviews with marketers on “working with marketers”… Ask the Expert interviews… the “Direct-Response Controls”… and much, much more.
  • The Advanced Training Orientation where I’ll learn everything I’ll need to know about Advanced Training: how my material will be organized on my Member Page… how the module learning sessions will work… who to call if I have questions… how to submit my samples… and more.
  • When I’m ready, my journey begins with the first of 12 learning modules — and all the relevant materials either emailed to me beforehand or accessible on my Advanced Training Member Page.
  • Plus, I’ll be alerted when Aaron DeHoog and his “Ultimate Hotlist” Campaign Strategy Bonus Module is ready to roll — so I can be among the first to learn the secrets behind this all-powerful “soup-to-nuts” $13 Million Campaign Strategy.
  • And just so we’re clear — Advanced Training is a lifetime membership. That means I can take any module as often as I like, simply by logging on to the myAWAI Member Page and accessing the full program…
  • AND I’m entitled to any new modules that are added in the future…

It’s all very exciting and I’m ready to begin now!

To Get Started:

Simply fill out the information below and submit your payment.

Within a few minutes, you’ll see a Welcome Letter from us with information on “what to do next.”

Not only will Advanced Training give you all the skills you need to compete in today’s copywriting world…

But we’ll show you what to do every step of the way!

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