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  • ​Start an agency from the ground up (even with NO EXPERIENCE)
  • ​Find New Clients
  • ​Learn How to Sell to New Clients
  • ​Learn How to Run Ads
  • ​Learn How to Manage Ads
  • ​Learn How to Manage Clients
  • ​Learn How to OUTSOURCE EVERYTHING (if you want to)
  • ​Learn How to Scale


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Ads Agency Unlocked – Mike Mancini

Run a 6-Figure Agency in Only
90-Minutes a Day!
This Program Helps You EASILY:
  • ​Start an agency from the ground up (even with NO EXPERIENCE)
  • ​Find New Clients
  • ​Learn How to Sell to New Clients
  • ​Learn How to Run Ads
  • ​Learn How to Manage Ads
  • ​Learn How to Manage Clients
  • ​Learn How to OUTSOURCE EVERYTHING (if you want to)
  • ​Learn How to Scale

And you can do it all for less than the cost of a new fully loaded iPhone.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now. .. Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know this course is better than just going it alone and starting an agency on my own?
Ads Agency Unlocked Uses the Same Proven Formula that Successful Agencies Use.
I’m Mike Mancini, founder of Ads Agency Unlocked, and once I was in the same boat you’re in. Except… I did it all wrong.
I was a business owner who wanted to start an agency the RIGHT way, but I didn’t have ANY idea on where to begin.
Although I’d already run a successful eCommerce business, an agency was a completely different animal.
I Didn’t Know How to Get New Clients… CONSISTENTLY.
I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out how I could put my services in front of potential business owners who needed me.
Not just local clients, but people around the country / world.
I needed to find a simple solution to getting new clients who not only NEEDED me, but those clients who could AFFORD me.
Then, once I did get those new clients, I didn’t know how to KEEP them happy so that they were paying me month in and month out for YEARS! Because that’s where the real money is.
Turning a client who’s paying you $1,000/month into the client who pays you that $1,000/month for 48 or 60 months straight (to the tune of $48,000 or $60,000 PER CLIENT).
I Needed to Learn How to Keep My Clients HAPPY!
I would go on a tear and get a bunch of clients in a month…. then I would lose just as many older clients. I couldn’t keep them happy and the turnover was high.
Once I was able to get clients and keep them happy, I needed to learn how to SCALE the business to start bringing in the money that I knew I was worth.
For the longest time I couldn’t scale because I didn’t have the time.
I didn’t want to just make a few extra thousand dollars a month, I didn’t start this business for that. I needed to learn how to bring in tens of thousands of dollars a month (life changing money).
But I needed to learn how I could do it with the time and money that I had.
Imagine What It Would Be Like To…

• Spend just minutes a day running a successful ads agency, rather than hours a day banging your head against the wall trying to scrape by.

• Have new, prospective clients banging down your door wanting to work with YOU.

• Experience unbelievable sales without putting in tons of time and effort.
• Afford those big toys you’ve been dreaming of buying – things like a new car, a bigger home, or that luxurious vacation in an exotic location.
• See your business succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You can have all these things with Ads Agency Unlocked.
How Do I Know Ads Agency
Unlocked Works?
Because I use these strategies in my ads agency EVERY, SINGLE day. Since I’ve put these strategies in place, starting in 2019, my results have been phenomenal:
  • In 2021, my revenues increased by 50%
  • ​​In 2020, my revenues increased by 40% (during a PANDEMIC!!!)
  • ​I run my ads agency in less than 90 minutes a day
  • ​I use my free time to work on other projects that I’m passionate about
  • ​​I’m able to take more vacations and spend time with those I love
  • ​​I’m able to financially afford to do almost anything that I’ve ever wanted to
  • ​​In 2022, I plan on DOUBLING my agency again (as I did in 2018) with our new SaaS software option!
​That’s why I love Ads Agency Unlocked.
  • • More than 50 step-by-step video tutorials that will show you how to start a successful ads agency RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE.
  • • More than 30 super valuable templates, spreadsheets and checklists that will make it SUPER EASY for you to SETUP AND RUN your agency.
  • • A simple process to teach you how to setup and run Google Ads YOURSELF or to OUTSOURCE them to others (if you don’t want to run them).
  • ​• How to GET NEW CLIENTS IMMEDIATELY, even while you are still going through the course
  • ​• How to run your Google Ads agency in less than 90 minutes a day, from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
  • ​• How to scale your agency to 6-FIGURES (or more) AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
  • ​• How to keep clients SUPER HAPPY and wanting to pay you for your service for YEARS (not months).
  • ​• How to get your existing clients to be your biggest cheerleaders and DRIVE NEW CLIENTS BACK TO YOU.
  • ​• How to build a client churning machine on autopilot and bring in new clients to you WHILE YOU SLEEP.
  • ​• How to figure out where you’re spending your time, how much money that is costing you and how to outsource that so that you can live the life that you want.
  • ​• Now we have MULTIPLE offers that we can offer new clients with our new SaaS (Software as a Service) training to help you increase your revenue more than EVER! And get new clients easier!

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