1. Who are we?

  • We offer the oldest and most popular courses. List of courses are always updated.
  • You may ask, our mission is to help you have it.

2. Why should you buy courses at EBOKLY

  • Develop you business with a remarkable way, guiding you in bringing your website to millions of people in the world with the lowest fees.
  • The course’s content will be exactly the same as you buy from salepage
  • We integrate multiple payment gateways: Skrill, Bitcoin, Payoneer and PayPal … to make it easy for you to purchase course.

3. What is delivery method?

  • After you order, the system will create your account and send to your email.
  • And after your payment, you will receive the download link at Account or directly via email.
  • If you have problem with your order, you can contact:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Sky:     Emma Bakker

4. Payment methods?

  • Please click “Add to cart” then checkout by some popular payment methods: Skrill, Bitcoin, Payoneer and PayPal…etc (any requested method)
  • If you have any difficulty in settle your payment with us, please contact our Customer Service team via: [email protected] 

5. How long will get download link after payment?

Most of products will come to you immediately. But for some products were posted for offer. We need time to make files and upload. (It takes 8-48 hours) We will try by our best to have download link on time.

6. About promotion program or discount at EBOKLY

  • In a year, we have many events with 15-25% discount coupon.
  • When you are going to make a payment for 2-3 courses or mass order, please contact at here .We will provide a coupon code to get a better offer.

7. Refund Policy

  • The products can not provide: Most of products will come to you immediately. But for some products, We need time to connect orders with suppliers (It takes 3-5 days or maybe sooner, holiday time: 7 days). After this time period, the refund policy will be open.
  • Missing content, files error
  • Wrong course

To place a refund or exchange request for an order placed with EBOKLY, You would need to contact EBOKLY via email at [email protected]

If your order is on pending status or unsuccessful, our team would let you know and try to support you as much as possible.

The system will automatically refund you after 7 days if the product can not provide or faulty.

Please information problems encountered (DO NOT OPEN DISPUTE). If still can’t handle it, you will get back 100% of your money.

8. Information security?

  • All registration information and your email address are automatically encrypted and anonymous, so it’s safe.
  • We use my private server to send the download link to my customers. Therefore, all the information will be kept autonomous. We are totally safe and secure here with us.

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