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On this page, I'm going to reveal my proven formula for growing a highly successful, multi-million dollar business.

I'm talking about a formula that any entrepreneur can follow to revolutionize their success.

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"How To Grow Your Business To $10 Million & Beyond!"

Discover The Proven Formula For Building A Wildly Profitable Multi-Million Dollar Business

On this page, I'm going to reveal my proven formula for growing a highly successful, multi-million dollar business.

I'm talking about a formula that any entrepreneur can follow to revolutionize their success.

And specifically to build a highly successful 8-figure ($10 million or more) business with millions of dollars in annual profits.

But before I reveal this exact formula, and how you can use it too, I want you to know just how significant this really is.

You see, according to statistics from the SBA, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Kauffman Foundation, the vast majority of entrepreneurs fail to achieve real success.

And by "real success" I'm talking about a business that generates millions of dollars in profits, while allowing the entrepreneur to take significant time off for leisure and to spend with their loved ones.

And those statistics show that 99.7% of entrepreneurs never achieve this level of success.

It's unfortunate, but true.

Most entrepreneurs simply get stuck.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You're constantly working your butt off to try to get new customers, but without as much success as you'd like.
  • You're fighting to consistently grow your businesses, but can't seem to make it happen.
  • You want more time off, but that never happens.
  • You want more profits, but your business just isn't making enough.

And worst of all,

You don't know what you should be doing differently to change all of this.

Now fortunately, I've spent the past two decades helping thousands of entrepreneurs start and grow their companies with lots of success.

Which has landed me a lot of positive press and accolades.

But more importantly, early on, I noticed some key things that big-time entrepreneurs did, that the little guys didn't.

Now, by big-time, I'm talking about entrepreneurs who've grown 8-figure businesses, that is companies doing $10 million or more in annual revenues.

So, I started applying these formulas and strategies to my smaller clients.

And, to my excitement, my small-time entrepreneurs turned into big-time entrepreneurs, generating millions of dollars in revenues and profits.

In a moment, I'm going show you the exact formula I've used to create successful 8 figure entrepreneurs.

But first, let me show you…

Are You Making This Mistake?

Here's the flawed strategy that average entrepreneurs use:

8%20Figure%20Formula%201 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

Let me explain.

Average entrepreneurs set basic goals, such as I'd like my revenues to be $X and my profits to be $Y this year.8%20Figure%20Formula%202 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

Then, they try traditional marketing and sales tactics to bring in that revenue and profit.

8%20Figure%20Formula%203 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And as a result, they make a little money.

8%20Figure%20Formula%204 - eBokly - Library of new courses!

And maybe each year they make a little more money.

But they never achieve real success.

Now, let's compare that flawed strategy with…

The Formula That Successful $10 Million Entrepreneurs Use

Here's the formula that 8 figure entrepreneurs use.

Now the first thing that you should notice is the different end-game that 8 figure entrepreneurs have.

That end-game is to create VALUE.

And not to just generate a quick buck in revenue or profit.

The good news is that significant revenues and profits are a natural by-product of creating real value.

But let me walk through the formula in more detail so you fully get it.

The first key thing 8 figure entrepreneurs do is set real goals.

Specifically, they set long-term goals, short-term goals and periodic goals to guide their progress.

The second key thing 8 figure entrepreneurs do is focus on building assets.

This is one of the biggest differences between average and 8 figure entrepreneurs.

Average entrepreneurs just focus on getting revenues and profits.

While 8 figure entrepreneurs focus on building assets.

As these assets guarantee future revenues and profits.

So let's look at Assets a little more closely.

Specifically, there are 15 core assets you can build, such as new products or services, partnerships, etc. that build real value and ensure future revenues and profits.

The third key thing 8 figure entrepreneurs do is focus on measuring and improving metrics.

Metrics are numbers that measure your performance.

There are 3 kinds of metrics.

  1. Long-term metrics
  2. Short-term metrics
  3. Financial health metrics

Average entrepreneurs generally only focus on the broad short-term metrics like revenues and profits.

8 figure entrepreneurs, on the other hand, identify and focus on improving all metrics.

Such as how many new leads they're getting, what their upsell rates are, and what their operating expense percentages are, among other things.

The fourth key thing 8 figure entrepreneurs do is focus on the right strategy.

You see, if you have flaws in your strategy, no matter how hard you work, you'll never achieve success.

So 8 figure entrepreneurs ensure that their strategy revolves around the two R's — Residuals and Resources.

The fifth key thing 8 figure entrepreneurs do is focus on systems.

Systems are what allow these entrepreneurs to grow their companies while taking more time off.

Because the systems ensure that employees can expertly and consistently complete all tasks.

8 figure entrepreneurs have multiple systems in place.

Such as systems to get new clients, and systems to request customer referrals, and systems to provide consistent and quality service.

The final piece of the 8 figure formula is the execution plan.

This is another area where average entrepreneurs fail.

Because there's so many ideas and To Do's, the average entrepreneur just can't get it all done.

But 8 figure entrepreneurs follow a clear execution plan that lays out step-by-step what they need to do.

Specifically, the execution plan tells them what they need to focus on and build, and when.

So there you have it.

8 figure entrepreneurs are able to generate millions of dollars in revenues and profits, even while working less hours than the average entrepreneur because they follow this formula.

And now, importantly, I want YOU to use this formula to massively grow your business and success.

Here's how.

I put together a simple-to-follow program to not only teach you the 8 figure formula, so you can grow your business to $10 million in sales and beyond

It's appropriate called…

Let me tell you exactly what my "8 Figure Formula" program includes. The cornerstone of the 8 Figure Formula program is its eight online video modules.


In this module, I'll guide you through the 8 Figure Formula Framework so you have a solid foundation for growth.


Here, I'll walk you through creating your overall Goals.

I'll explain the 5 different types of goals you must set.

I'll show you why most goals never get achieved, and how to set goals that you can and will achieve.

And I'll teach you how to review, assess and revise your goals over time.

Importantly, included with this program is the 8 Figure Formula Workbook.

So rather than simply learning, while watching the video modules, I will be having you document your goals and strategies in your workbook.

So when you're done with the program, you can immediately start to successfully grow your business.


You will identify the Assets you need to build.

I will teach you about the 15 types of assets.

And importantly, I will then guide you through a proprietary series of questions to help you figure out which ones you need to build.


From this module, you will identify the Metrics you need to measure and improve.

I'll take you through the 3 core types of metrics.

I'll introduce you to over 20 focused metrics.

And I'll guide you through creating the metrics that your company will focus on.


Here, you will set your strategy.

Importantly, we will go through the 2 strategic flaws that nearly all entrepreneurs make.

To ensure that you avoid them and build a thriving business.


In Module 6, you'll learn about developing systems.

Systems are key, and allow your business to grow rapidly while allowing you to take more time off.

In this module, you will learn:

  • What systems are
  • What processes you need to systematize in your business
  • Exactly how to map out and build your systems
  • How to create Standard Operating Procedures, policies and guidelines
  • How to establish a task management system so you can delegate tasks and they get done right every time


Here, you'll learn about Multiplier Tactics.

These are the tactics that 8-figure entrepreneurs use to grow even faster and more profitably.

In this Module, I'll hand you my 12 best multiplier tactics. You'll learn:

  • How to double the productivity of your team
  • How to avoid "traps" that seem like opportunities
  • How to re-shape your marketing to attract the best customers like clockwork
  • How to get more new leads and customers than you can handle
  • The option-tree formula to get customers to happily pay you more money
  • And you'll learn several other key multiplier tactics!


And finally, I'll guide you through creating your Execution Plan and Dashboard.

This is where the 8 Figure Formula Program all comes together.

Remember, I don't want you to just learn the formula.

I want you to immediately apply it to your business to dramatically increase your revenues, profits — and increase the VALUE of your company, so you can sell it one day for a multi-million dollar pay day.

So, in Module 8, I will guide you through creating your Execution Plan, so you know exactly what to do and when.

Importantly, I'm also going to give you my 8 Figure Formula Dashboard.

This is a comprehensive Microsoft Excel file that lays out your entire strategy and game plan.

Let Me Show You Some Key Elements of the 8 Figure Formula Dashboard

The Overall Goals section clearly lays out your goals:

The Asset Goals section shows which assets you have decided to build and when you will build them.

The Metric Goals section shows which metrics you will focus on and allows you to track your performance.

The Metric Chart section automatically generates charts that show your performance progress and financial health .

The Big Picture Gantt chart section automatically generates Gantt charts showing the projects you need to focus on and when.

And the Projects Gantt chart section shows you the status of each key initiative your company is working on.

In summary, this one dashboard includes everything you need to manage and grow your business.

Everything you need to know is in one place.

It shows you exactly what you have to do and when.

It allows you to easily track your progress and the progress of your team.

It automatically monitors your progress and financial health.

And it gives you complete visibility into your business.

Our "8 Figure Formula" Training Program Gives You Everything You Need to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business

  • Online access to the 8 video modules
  • PDF handouts
  • MP3 Audio download
  • 8 Figure Formula Workbook
  • 8 Figure Formula Dashboard

In short, I give you everything you need to transform your business into a massive 8-figure success story!

But that's not all.

Because I want to make 100% certain that you succeed with the 8 Figure Formula program, I'm also going to give you access to four other business experts who will aid in your success.

I'm going to do this by giving you access to four expert interviews I recently conducted.

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