12 Steps to Hypnotic Influence


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CONTENTS (28 hours)

01.1 – Introduction (Mark Cunningham) (DC2000)

01.2 – You Begin Where You Are and That’s Okay (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

02.1 – Introduction to Hypnosis (Mark Cunningham) (Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis)

02.2 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session One (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

02.3 – scripts Are a Trap (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

03.1 – State Control (David Snyder)  (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)

03.2 – Vocal Control (Tom Vizzini) (Secrets of Vocal Influence)

03.3 – Getting into ‘state’ Yourself (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

03.4 – The Importance of Being Mentally Clear (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

03.5 – Demo – Playing with Jon (Ross Jeffries)  (SS Secret Vault)

04.1 – Rapport (Tom Vizzini) (Total Life Transformation 2013)

04.2 – Values and Trancewords (Ross Jeffries)  (SS Secret Vault)

04.3 – Recognizing Autopilot Responses (Ross Jeffries)  (SS Secret Vault)

04.4 – Making Yourself Unique in Her Eyes (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

04.5 – Demo – Showing Curiosity (Ross Jeffries)  (SS Secret Vault)

05.1 – Acquiesence, Obedience & Pleasure (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

05.2 – Suggestibility Tests (Mark Cunningham) (New Curriculum)

05.3 – Demo – Playing with Responsive Subjects (Ross Jeffries)

06.1 – The Nature of Hypnotic Influence (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

06.2 – Not Being Needy (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

06.3 – Involving all Senses (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)

06.4 – Turning Yourself into Crack (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

06.5 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session Two (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

07.1 – Presuppositions (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)

07.2 – embedded Commands (Tom Vizzini) (Secrets of Vocal Influence)

07.3 – How to Transition (Ross Jeffries) (SS Secret Vault)

08.1 – Vague Language (Ross Jeffries) (Persuasion Mastery Bootcamp)

08.2 – metastates (Ross Jeffries) (Mindframe Persuasion)

08.3 – Demo – Irresistible Arousal (Ross Jeffries)  (SS Secret Vault)

09.1 – Anchoring (Tom Vizzini) (Anchoring for Seduction)

09.2 – Anchoring Blunders (Tom Vizzini) (Anchoring Blunders)

09.3 – Demo – Anchoring in Practice (Tom Vizzini) (Interview Magic)

09.4 – Integrating the Physical into your Conditioning Program (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

10.1 – Elicitations (Tom Vizzini) (Devastating Elicitations 2.0)

10.2 – Criteria Elicitation (David Snyder) (CPI: Covert Persuasion Intelligence)

10.3 – Demo – Eliciting Woman’s Values (Mark Cunningham) (Building a Better Girlfriend)

10.4 – Demo – Playing with Dorota (Ross Jeffries)  (SS Secret Vault)

10.5 – Dominants Need Complex Active Lives (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

10.6 – The Troubled Submissive (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

10.7 – Women Love Structure & Boudaries (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

11.1 – Sensation Beyond Imagining (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

11.2 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session Three (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

12.1 – Time Distortion (Ross Jeffries) (Mindframe Persuasion)

12.2 – How To Hypnotize Humans – Session Four (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

12.3 – When to Blur the Line (Mark Cunningham) (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

12.4 – The Perils of Personal Imprinting (Renegade Hypnotist Project)

I can guarantee that if you practice what is taught in these videos, you will be at least competent, if not superb in wielding Hypnotic Influence. Workbook and quiz will follow later. Context.txt constains from which discs everything is.

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